Skunk2 Ultra Series Intake for B series


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Apr 19, 2007


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Personally don`t like how short are the runners and the design of the plenum. First runner guides incoming air directly onto the plenum wall which can`t be good creating turbulance. i`m no expert but seems more of moneymaking tool with all the extras rather a powermaking one.
I really like the look of this, so i sent an email to Skunk2 & asked them if I can use this with my current setup for my EK9. This is the reply i got :

Given what you've got currently - the Manifold that we have just released will be a bit much for your setup. It's a RACE-type manifold for high compression, high lift, larger N/A motors or F/I Applications.

It requires the Mustang 5.0 4-Bolt Type Throttle-Body which is typically no less than 80mm and will not work with virtually any OEM Honda TBs.

We may look towards releasing a more streetable, standard build-receptive manifold but at this time it's just going to be the larger volume race manifold.