SOLD!!!! 15" WHITE VOLKS TE37'S - 5x114.3


Dec 11, 2011
For Sale:
VOLKS RAYS TE37 - 15" x 7" - 5x114.3 - OFFSET +43 in original white. Genuine blue rays valve caps & Valves still on the wheels but no tyres. RARE centre caps included.

Some small blemishes on a couple of the wheels and also a small crack in the paint where a previous owner did a shoddy touch up.

A couple of the stickers could do with replacing but they can be done at minimal cost.

Included in the sale with be a pot of Poorboys Wheel Sealant (an essential for white wheels) which is ¾ Full.

£550 Collected. - offers considered. PM if interested.


On my old EK9:

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€600 for wheels delivered to Dublin Ireland ?

Would rather them collected, will notify you if the circumstances change

Any interest in selling the center caps?

Possibly, but as below... He has first dibs

If anyone is getting them its me! Lol

As above , you have first shout. IF I sell them separately from the wheels ofcourse

You have pm


Will reply to all PM's in a few hours
if you still have them at the end of the month ill take them, probably be long gone by then though!
also because im a good guy, its cheaper to post them as two parcels than one huge one. I posted a set of 16" dc2 alloys from NI to England for £50 insured up to £1000 iirc.
aha i'll bare than in mind ;-)

still for sale guys. as the ad reads. im open to offers.
damn, how much do the centre caps go for? might have to bring some in from japland :p
All sensible pm's replied to.

if i havent replied, consider your offers stupid and rejected :D
I sent you already some pms. If you send me some detailed photos I will proceed to they payment!!