THE OMEN "evil tuned" ej9 b18c4 turbo build...

Tbf the engine only does 1/4mile at a time. So it could last years and only see 50miles lol
so when I got my car back from mapping in April to find out the map sensor I bought wasn't a 3bar but a standard one I wasn't impressed at all, and with all the mods etc my engine came out with 340 bhp, got told by the mapper to get a breather pipe welded to rocker cover and buy a real 3bar map sensor,

So after taking the car to york drag races I realise I had to do the mods and yesterday made the trip up to evil tuning in Middlesbrough to get the stuff done so set off at 3:30pm and didn't return home till 20past midnight and now the car is running 370bhp from that tiny little 1.8 b18c4 engine and my god the car feels like a total different animal has a lot of torque steer or it may be me in getting to grips with the power but holy cupcakes batman the car is lethal can honestly say I'm well impressed 18 months ago inset myself a target of buy n building a drag race car with good power and I can say that I've got it, so 370 bhp on a stick b18 is bloody good
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Nice result. Seems to come in pretty suddenly at 4500. Tyre spinner?
Don't know pal was alittle scare to actually give it some but the power is crazy I'm just wondering what times I'm gunna get now at the drag strip my tuner does drag racing too and he says if I get some semi slicks I should hit late 11's early 12's
Wherent you at 350 before?
Yeah on stock map sensor so mapper told me to get a 3bar n rocker breather as it was held bck by standard map sensor
If it's serviced well and taken car ov I can't see it going bang but thanks for the vote ov confedince lol
Took the car to York over the weekend for some more dragging but yep now I have more power I defo found out that I need more grip as I was tyre spinning in 3rd and after some tyre pressure droppung I was doing 13.5, my best time at 330bhp was 13.4 my mapper was racing his civic at the same time he was in the 11's with full slicks so looks like I need to go the same route n. Buy some slicks
Servicing wont save your engine, of course a well serviced engine will have an increased time til failure, but everything fails eventually. All parts that undergo cyclic load suffer from something called metal fatigue, by adding boost will increase temperatures and stress loads, in turn increasing metal fatigue and reducing time til failure. Increasing power and torque can drastically reduce the life of a standard part because of the higher bending loads on them, and the following loss of tensile strength because of fatigue.

The B18c4 was designed to run at 170bhp for X amount of miles until failure. There is no doubt that this engine is more than strong enough to withstand some boost BUT only so much boost until eventually it fails. Think about a metal coat hangar, bend it backwards and forwards continually, It slowly weakens and then breaks. The more you bend it, the quicker it weakens and breaks. This is exactly the same process that the conrods, pistons, crank etc, and everything else sustain when increasing stress loads.

Think about a plane that you know has been serviced well, as all of them are, but has used the same engine for X amount of miles but then the airline decided, to get to the destination quicker it would increase the thrust by 100% but then life expectancy becomes unknown would you still board it?.

I'm not against your build and I think it is an achievement to make 370bhp on a stock B18c4 BUT it is at much higher risk than if it was running less boost/power.
Like you say traction is the next issue, a proper diff and tyres will help you along the way. Then its time to think about the stresses on the gears especially dragging the car.

Good Luck!

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Oh yes I understand what you have said and in the future once I save some cash up I will be hopefully upgrading the pistons n crowns n conrods but that's nxt year as I don't have a spare £500 at the mo
Well took the civic to york for the last race meeting and it ended in so success and disaster, the success was I beat my personal bust time for the 1/4 mile I got 13.0841 secs BUT the disaster was I snapped a drive shaft at the finish line at 119mph never heard such a bang in my life scared the **** out of me..... I bout some new rubber for the day too some semi slicks road legal tyres and it got the job done for the better times anyways running 10psi in em here's some pics of the days event
Good terminal tbh mate, you'll go quicker than 13 flat with a terminal speed like that. What 60ft times?