Torque Settings


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May 19, 2009
Hi guys, how important are the torque setting that things should be bolted back up to. Is it really only for engine components are all elements, brakes, suspension etc...

Anyone know where I can get a full list of torque setting for an EG Civic?

they are very important to all parts especially if you are not familiar with bolts tightening but the most important is the head studs crankshaft cams etc other things if are tighten a bit more or a bit less wont create problem!! i dont have the settings for eg btu a quick search it google will give some results
For engine/drivetrain components thy are essential. If your familiar with vehicle repair then you know when something is tight enough on suspension and chassis bits but seen as though your askig the question, id stick to any tq figures you can find.
Cheers guys, It sounds like I will need to get 2 lots of setting one for the EG chassis components and one for the K20a2 engine. As I am in the process of doing a K-swap.
Hope this helps!

pm me if you need more, as i dont browse much, but pm will come thru email..
Ep3 (engine)

Eg chassis.