Tyre recommendations

Steve M

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Jul 3, 2009
Hi guys

I've got a new set of wheels coming from Japan, they're 16x7. I'm not sure what tyre size is best to go for, I was thinking 205/50, but not sure how that'll look?
The car is pretty low so can't go for too high a sidewall.
Also looking for recommendations on what tyre to run, gonna be fast road use, aiming to keep my current wheels for track work.
I've been looking at Federal RSR's but was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions?
205/45/16 on mine and they look spot on, just tucking
Cheers Matt, 215/45 might be a slightly cheaper option as I'd say it's more common.
I've got AD08's at the moment and don't know whether I should go for another set, or if it's overkill for road driving
I think they're a very good road tyre tbh, I even did a trackday on them and they weren't bad! I can't justify running a semi slick on the road so these are the next best thing I feel.
Cheers guys, been pricing AD08's and they're looking like £100 odd a tyre. Also been looking at Federal RSR's cause they're a good bit cheaper, anyone ran them?
Ad08r's all day... Great in the dry and you cant beat them in the wet. They don't wear as quickly as most other performance tyres either.

If you did fancy a change ive been told the toyo R1R's arent bad, bit cheaper than the yokos too.
I've had the federals, quite a while ago but I'd say the yoko's are a better tyre.