What M3??


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Apr 18, 2013
Got this out again today with the intention of selling up. It's been playing on my mind that it's wasted sat in my garage. I think it did around 1k last year? I keep having the same conversation with myself, 'if something is going to sit in here, it may as well be something insane', something along the lines of a e90 m3 or maybe even the new typeR.

One drive up to the supermarket and back and it's enough to make me question the entire thing again. I fall for it every year. Does anyone else's do this to them? Fu**ing thing....


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I think a lot of people have probably thought in similar ways,

One way of looking at it is what's the point of having a expensive car in there that's depreciating and not being used, when you already have a fun car in there that will probably hold its value
Very true ^. If its a daily u can probably justify the depreciation but definately not the depreciation on a sitter