Yellow EK9 + Yellow DC2

that is a sight for sore eyes.

i stuck what colour to choose when i do buy. champ white or yellow

Go with champ white it is better looking and good for type R, yellow is more of spoon sports. The only problem with champ white is the dust.:secret:
Cheers for the comments guys. For those of you that don't like yellow you will hate! i mean HATE! the seats. I only like them for the rarity factor.
I would kind of like to have it for a while and still have it for Japfest but i bet someone will piss me off and want to buy it just before. Guess thats the trouble with being an owner, enthusiasts and seller all in one.



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oj, more more more MORE!!! lol
Love the yellow cars but the seats just look wrong I think.. But from the outside :shocked::shocked:
i miss my old one :(





i wont bore you with more pics and ruin dunx's thread :)

i think there is only 5 or 6 yellow Dc2's over here (with the yellow seats!).I have seen a couple with red seats which look better but the yellow ones are just soooooo rare..

if i had the money i would have it off you (but only after japfest, so you can take it :D:D:D:D)
Oh it also has yellow stitched; steering wheel, gear gaiter and rear seat.

I am loving those SPOON clocks!