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Looking for a dash and engine loom from a facelift EK9, You got anything?
Just got out of the hospital, had a bad inflamed gallbladder on friday morning. Meeting the surgeon tomorrow since i've taken medication to ease the pain til surgery
Hi there
They see OEM ek9 ones right ?
Let me know the price please. I’m in Ireland
Anyone knows if the a/c console of ek9 is compatible on ek2;...i know it's the same size but the fuses will be ok;
Anyone no how to bypass the oil pressure switch on the b16 vtec is not working I have a p30 ecu and was told I need a jap p2t to bypass this problem kind of stuck with it I was told you can run 2 wires from the p30 to the switch but don't no anything about it
I see you said you are putting your car back to standard. Let me know if there is anything you have which you are interested in parting with. Cheers
Hey fam I’m going to buy my first car and that’s going to be a Honda Ek9 2000 so i just wanna know is it a reliable car coz It will be my daily drive and is the maintaining cost higher than the other JDM cars and are parts easy to find ? Here in Sri Lanka Ek9s are so Rare very few available here in Sri Lanka . So I would like to know the honest opinion about the Ek9 from you guys . Thank you
honestly its a very expensive car these days to be your first car, parts are very expensive. but aside from that theyre decent as a daily driver, just have to make sure you keep it clean and looked after
Hi there, i seen in one off your adds you had a yellow civic hatch, looks like you where doing some work on her tail lights where out. is it for sale? or have you got any nice civic vtecs for sale at the moment? thanks
Hi there!! Is the oem ek9 breather pipe hose still available? Price and shipping price to zip code 95340? Thanks