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  • You do not need the block guard, fuel pressure gauge, or cold air induction, fuel rail or water injection. So skip those parts. Instead of the NGK BKR7EIX just get the BKR7E as it is much cheaper, IX is the iridium version. Skip the GT3071 and go up to the GT3076. The 3076 offers much better top end with nearly identical spool up when compared to the GT3071. However while i love the Meutek manifold it will not allow AC to work with this turbo as you will have to flip the turbo and grind down the block. Instead consider a ramhorn style manifold, i personally have had great success with OBX, i know its cheap chinese but there stuff is very good these days. AEM is a good EMS but get the one your tuner recommends for best results. You don't need a full break upgrade, just make sure to have fresh fluid, good rotors, and good pads, Best of luck.
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