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  • Hi Boyle,

    Would like to ask if you are running et35 front for your spoon brake and et42 with 5mm spacer of the TE37?:please::please::please:

    There's 2 tabs sticking out the bottom of the centre console that look like they should slot into something but there's nothing there
    Hey, I've been sent in your direction about a metal bracket for my centre console, have you got any going?

    ok. when you open the drivers door of a ek9 hatch and you need to open the hatch there is a plastic that runs across the door, about 2 feet long clips over the floor mat. I have the US part # from honda but is different. Do you have a email I can send you a picture. Thanks
    Yes I can pay you by card, no problem. Mate I need the door garnish for my ek9. I did a RHD convertion and cant find them anywhere, is the piece the holds the trunk and gas latch on the driver side and on the passenger side is just the plastic, let me know if you know exactly what Im talking about, Im pretty sure you do. I can pay immediatly. thanks alot mate
    I can help you with any Honda part mate. It would be better to pay over the phone by card.

    just to confirm if that is also vin for civic 2 doors hatchback like ek3,ek4 etc etc ..yeah it's weird that vin is for civic 5 come i got that on civic 2 doors hatchback... i just checked that vin at the what do you think? .. or something else. previous owner said that car is ukdm , just wondering if it's true or not or wrong VIN on hatchback 2 doors.
    actually i booked this car and he already convert this hatch with ek9 year 1996 stuff,the car is ok with b16b but the chassis vin make me in doubt . hope u guys can help me on this one and thanx so much for your info . u can see the car in my profile picture or gallery.
    i will cancel to buy this car if there is something wrong with the vin just make me confuse.
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