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    Daves EK9 - Manifold and spoiler pg2

    Looking well lad.. Keep her clean
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    1999 ek9 Big Spec

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    1999 ek9 Big Spec

    New pictures :naughty:
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    1999 ek9 Big Spec

    Phonecall aint that hard is it??
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    1999 ek9 Big Spec

    Yea I had to take down the add this morning as the amnount of texts he was getting was something unreal. Went to sleep last night around 1 and by 7 this morning he had 19 new msgs.. If people are interested they will ring..
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    1999 ek9 Big Spec

    Between the car and engine and all other parts and tuning its coming in at €36000 so wont be going lower than 12000.. Them parts aint keep
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    1999 ek9 Big Spec

    John at wcp mapped it for him. Good sound man.. Yea €12000 is what it is going for and the loss he is making is near double that.. Most of the parts are brand new and have only done a nearly no driving.
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    1999 ek9 Big Spec

    Sorry sorry I rushed this for sale thread as I had to get back to work.. It made 214bhp and that was with the cams set for mid range torque. He cant find the dyno sheet and cant remember the torque. It really is a low reading dyno dynamics dyno. No high numbers off it. But as many say a dyno is...
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    1999 ek9 Big Spec

    My friend is selling his car that he has being building for a long time now.. The engine is a B18 stroked to a 2L with a Jun crank, Jun pistons and rods built by cosward. Also has Jun Cams , Springs and retainers.. Has HKS adjustable cam pulleys. Being ported and polished.. This engine was...
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    New from Ireland

    Welcome along lad
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    my DC5

    Love the car lad... Love the look of that induction kit.. Never seen one like it before
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    my dc5

    Compared to the 9 it is much much faster.. But have to say it doesnt handle as well.. Plan on getting new coilovers and new tyres and try get it set up as good as possible and then it should be alot better.. Just copy this spec off the for sale ad,, Flushed Front Bumper JDM Spot Lights...
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    kierans ek9

    Lovely looking car lad.. Looks so clean.. Surely low anyway
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    Sexy time !!!!

    Done mate
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    Irish Ek9 Owner

    Fair play lad... Looks spotless