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  • Hi D' Janiero,

    I personally think they weren't too bad you know comfort wise, a little bumpier the OEM, but that is going to happen, but seriously out of the box, the Meister Zeta S coilovers handle amazingly, i had a little play with my mates E46 M3 on country roads and kept up :D

    You can always get your own suited Spring rates, but i asked Dixon and he advised me to go with 10/8 combo, what are the roads like down your end? we have bumpy roads here but the coilovers didnt face much problems.

    My advise would be, get them, before the price of them will go up as there is so much demand for them.

    I used these coilovers for daily runner, for 2 weeks, non stop country road action, and was OK, does your back in after a while, but isnt that bad at all. All depends how fussy you are. But seriously a lower EK9 looks 100 percent better then OEM height.

    Oh, and the dampening setting thing is so much fun to play around with :clap:

    Any more questions, fire em out Holla ;)

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