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  • Can you please tell me how you went about getting the taillights all red like that?
    (I love the look)

    Are they bought like that or have you modified some stock taillights?

    were they EK9 taillights?

    or the ones with the amber/orange indicator strip and the small clear reverse square?

    I want it to look clean and professional and just know that i'd fcuk my lights up if I tried to DIY - I don't really want to vinyl wrap on the outside.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hi Mate

    How's things?

    I'll be up again soon to discuss manifolds with Chris again. Just moving house at the moment and have no time to get out.


    That sounds great! May be ordering some Buddyclub coilovers if the price is right... Toss up between Tein and KW... A local Jap store would be awesome just needs to be competitive on prices that all i'd say. I'll pop up when i get back from Germany ;-)

    PM me with any Offers you got going we may be able sort you guys out Vendor status...
    Yes i remember. I didn't think you worked there though?

    Yes i am going to be popping up as i pormised i would take Chris out. But have been so busy with work and Nurburgring preperation that i won't get up there now till after the trip.
    Alright mate, although who am I talking too? Lol unfortunately the dyne figures where actually lower. :-( but there where a number of factors so I'm gona go to a different dyno sometime in the future and see what it does on a different dyno.
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