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  • cars sorted mate its was my ecu, its was chipped wen i got the ecu, the chip wasnt der, now its all good, one more question i wonna ask u mate,

    u know my harness it was converted to obd2 to obd1, only one wire was changed on the harness, and my mechanic put it bk to nomal sud i tell him to leave it as it is
    I can understand but again it still doesn't account for the lack of research. Google it ►►Check Engine Light (CEL) THREAD: HOW-TO & CODES◄◄ - Honda-Tech That came up a complete how to on how to check flash codes and what they are. I'm not trying to be an arrogant ****, im trying to get you to learn mate. Cuz then you'll never forget. Thanks lee.
    Is it throwing any codes? Cuz thats what the engine light being on would entail. Run a CEL code check you need to bridge a wire to on one of the unused looms under the glove box, google it. And see what it throws up, I googled you problem, and alot of people said it could be to do with not having a knock sensor. I'm happy to help as is the rest of the forum, but i found one potential diagnosis of your problem in a matter of seconds. Do some research mate, the swaps been done thousand of times. Googles your friend mate so ir the search button. HTH lee.
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