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    Admiral have stopped insuring imports!

    This thread should be closed surely, admiral do insure imports I've just started a policy with them 2 weeks ago, pretty good deal too.
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    Fujitsubo RM01a Cat-Back System

    Will this fit the Jdm dc2 mate? Pm me please
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    Many people went from Jdm dc2 to a ek9?

    Just wanted everyone's overall opinions really. I'm looking for a new project an have a Jdm dc2 at the minute which I'm about finished. Soooo looking into a new project an wanted people's views on this move, on performance etc
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    Advise needed, very confused teg owner

    Pending price delivered mate awaiting email back
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    Warning about using spacers & standard length wheel studs

    So the hubs from mb fit but are wider correct? Just I've a 96 spec teg an need a rear hub as ones got knocked bearings Been hunting a while for a rear hub an no luck at all
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    Advise needed, very confused teg owner

    Hey guys Please help me out here My rear hub on my Jdm Itr dc2 96 spec has went and so I need to get a new rear hub. Can anyone confirm that a mb6 rear hub will fit as a straight swap? I need linked up if possible as I've been hunting the past few days. I'd like a new rear hub if...
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    Gopro 2

    I've just nabbed one over in USA cost 199 dollars couldn't be happier that was inc stand etc
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    V-Tec Performance Complete 98 spec Itr-Dc2 for Breaking!!!!

    98 spec back bumper Jdm ?
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    Replica ARC winglets (edit)

    Don't understand how these fit with the lip not having a large enough surface area on the bottom to attach too did you use DIY brackets mate?
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    Cw ek9 standard on a1 (Durham area heading south bound)

    Looked super clean mate love it flashed back :)
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    Vtec performance honda breakers updated 10-3-2012

    98 spec Jdm integra dc2 rear bumper cw preferably? Price delivered
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    Integra dc2 98 spec Jdm rear bumper

    Championship white preferably but will consider others
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    crashed itr`s and complete itr`s for breaking.

    Need a 98 spec jdm cw preferably rear bumper please Price delivered as need shipped to dh9
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    Vtec iPhone.

    Damn I'm gonna be disappointed when open it now lol cheers for the heads up mate