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  • hi mate, i have a spoon style carbon spoiler. not from the midlands but i am from south wales and only an hour or so from you. would be able to post it to you or even meet you somewhere along the way if the price is right
    Haha, you numpty! Thought you would have realised considering the cover was off and unbolted.
    What you got to do to your car like? Reason I bought the EK9 was so i didn't have to modify a car to track it :D I always recommend tracking a car first then go from their to see what Mods you actually need :)
    Alright. I try to do one a month usually but havnt done one for a few month as I was skint then my wheel bearing went. It does get expensive but it's worth it :)
    oh right cool, yeah im a mech going back on my FT course in a couple of weeks :) finally :rolleyes:

    yeah leuchars is alright, wasn't my first choice but i've enjoyed 6 its been awesome :cool:
    i was 15 sqn lossie bud, at cosford on my ft course at the mo.
    was at leuchars air show on the gr4 role demo, loved leuchars its awesome, ive got fife as my first choice at the moment. so u air or ground? heavy or light?
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