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  • Yo Jimbo,

    I was just wondering where you got those pressed number plates for your car from. They look mint on the car and I'm keen to get a set for myself

    If you are still selling your car good luck with the sale. It does look like a belter :nice:

    Cheers dude :)

    Yeah I love my wheels and the weight is amazing :) if I ever did I'd let you know dude ;)
    hello mate
    Mint jordan looks bang on love the attention to detail.If you ever want to change those wheels let me know had some mugen rsr's on my old eg but got stolen would love another set light as fook as well

    cheers pal :)

    no the bumper is still in one piece, the Mugen lips are deeper and sit higher up the bumper to lip over where the grill of the bumper is!
    Mate that civic is mental....I love it...good job...have u cut your bumper or just mounted the splitter higher where your mouth isss?
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