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  • Wow that's far away, I sold my b20 set-up now I getting a k20 put in now, the b20 was fun and very very fast I'd prefer it to a b18 any day built correctly, good luck with ur build
    Hi mate, I see you want to go b20 good choice, anyway the reason I'm messaging is that iv decided to go k20 and my current set-up is a b20 with full ek9 b16b head, iv done some modification to it, its go stage 3 clutch fidanza flywheel, p30 chipped ecu, fuel regulator, 2 n half straight trough exhaust, 4-2-1 manifold, and lsd mb6 gear box, the engine was in an e.g and ran a 13.6 at santa pod, then it was put in an ek4 and driven in there for few months and finally in to an ek9 but due to getting banned I never got to drive the 9 or finish it, the full set up is for sale, if your intrested just dropp me a txt, its not a dodgy msg I just don't have enough posts to advertise in the for sales section, I'm based at west midlands
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