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    Who's still about?

    Yep, sat in the garage waiting to have it's supercharger fitted. :) Hopefully if things go well with the business over the next few months (looking promising) they may get traded in for something a little bit more luxurious. Some sort of an M3, maybe an M5. :) On that note, I actually came by...
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    Who's still about?

    I haven't been back in a while. Still got my ATR though so haven't gone far!
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    Who's still about?

    Hello. :)
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    406 Brembo's on EK4

    Quite a bit more front bias with those calipers on a 300mm disc, would definitely be worth upgrading the rears.
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    Race car brake setup.

    I know, just commenting in case other people are considering this idea. If anyone wants some idea of how hard it is to stop the car with no booster, try having your car towed by a mate and the bring it to a halt with the engine switched off. Not fun!
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    Want to upgrade my front calipers , again

    I am still around from time to time, I drive an ATR and an MX5 now though so don't come back to the Civic forums much. My MX5 brake bias app has had quite a few upgrades recently... the Honda one rarely got used so it fell by the wayside.
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    Want to upgrade my front calipers , again

    There is no benefit in switching to a twin pot caliper on the same disk, if anything it's actually a downgrade. Bigger discs is what you want if you're upping the power.
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    MidDevelopments Brembo Brake Setup

    I wouldn't be buying anything with a secret caliper specification! Are these OEM calipers off another car, or proper aftermarket items?
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    Race car brake setup.

    I wouldn't do this, that booter has a total area of about 90 and there's about 10psi of pressure on it on overrun, so it's adding around 900lbs force to the master cylinder. You will not be replacing that with two feet, let alone one. To do it properly you need much smaller master...
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    Vector Art

    Awesome work! How long does each one of these take you roughly? I do similar stuff but I only do line art, no colour/shading. Would like to have a go at using some colour at some point!
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    Buddy club ball joints / roll centre adjusters

    Don't bother, front roll center is lower for a reason.
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    What's your occupation?? and civic

    I draw pictures of cars and write techy stuff about them.
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    basic suspension set up for a noob

    I agree with RVM, typically you'll find having the rear harder than the front best for a FWD car. A stiffer axle transfers load faster than a soft one, and the bigger the load transfer between two tyres on an axle, the less grip they'll have. Ergo, the stiffer axle has less grip, so you really...
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    Personalised EK9 Blueprint Artwork - Laser engraved aluminium!

    Doh! That's the DC2 specs, well spotted though! :agree:
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    Personalised EK9 Blueprint Artwork - Laser engraved aluminium!

    I can do them at the £99 price point if there's 3 or more orders for the Jordan. :nice: