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    Best place to buy new facelift ek wings??

    Nothing will be beat Honda fitment, I got new wings for the EK9 and they were okay but no where near perfect, probably better trying to get a decent used set.
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    My 97 CW EK9 | Advan RGs Pg2

    Proper little flying machine, miss this thing!
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    Greenlight Insurance EK9 UK Insurance Deal (track cover,agreed value & Mods)

    Just managed to give me a good saving on my insurance for this year, very friendly and knew his stuff. Didn't try to rush me off the phone and explained everything I needed to know, so thanks again Neil. Would highly recommend!
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    OBD2A to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness

    open to offers
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    OBD2A to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness

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    Type One Garage visit

    So jealous! Will get myself out there someday
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    BREAKING: Vince's 260bhp K20 EK fun machine - First Moulding/Voltex/Hybrid Racing/ETC

    I'm going to make a wild guess and say he hasn't been on the forum since January 2015!!
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    OBD2A to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness

    Item for sale: OBD2A to OBD1 Conversion Harness Reputation: Price: SOLD Paypal: Yes Location: Bonnybridge Condition: Used, Good, fully working. Description: OBD2A to OBD1 Conversion harness. Was on my EK9 when I bought it, but has been...
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    Tegiwa side decals. Anybody used them ?

    I've used them on mine before and been fine, look decent enough and come with a fitting template
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    Jap Fest 2016 PICTURES ADDED

    I'm going to this but with a local honda club with some friends, so should hopefully see some of you there! Will have the nine on our stand fingers crossed!
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    Looks awesome, interesting to see where the air intake is, as never seen the filter up there before on a turbo b-series.
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    JUN ek4 SiR

    Any dyno videos or that of it? Want hear this thing go!
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    My VSM EJ9

    Yeah i was getting better throttle response with a standard box and k&n panel filter over a AEM setup believe it or not.
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    My VSM EJ9

    Looks good mate, glad to see you have kept the standard airbox as I got best gains with one using a k&n filter and made over 100bhp at the flywheel with just bolt ons! Standard is about 80 something i think