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  • hi livvy have you got ek9 rear lights, front rear lip and side skirt and do you have any parts for ek4 many thanks darren
    Hey livvy cant send you pm ( not enough posts) sent you an email via ek9s r us site, and sent payment for wiring loom, you wouldnt by any chance have any bracket that mount on the bumper bar just underneath the headlights.
    Thanks Rich
    Hey livvy, I tried PM'in you but it said your inbox was too full.... was wondering if we could talk about the parts im interested in. drop me a PM or message doesnt matter.. thanks.
    Hey livvy
    someone says you might be able to help me.
    Im lookin for a prefacelift front bumper for a 9..?
    can you help

    Hi Livvy, got put in your direction for a front bumper and splitter for a Jordan? Current bumper has OEM fogs, just wondering if you could help me out?? Tom :)
    Hi Livvy,jordan101 on this forum said you might have an ek facelift front splitter,i would consider non oem as well,or a mugen lip or mugen style.Would you be able to post to Ireland?thanx
    Hi Livvy,

    My name is Ben, r3dox from an other forum ( told me , you might have an black ek4 carpet ?
    I'm really interested about it, cause i want to change my grey carpet.
    If its for sale just let me know.

    Bye Shingo (Ben)
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