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    Genuine EK9 Facelift Front Lip / Front Splitter

    Hi, i´m looking for a genuine EK9 front lip for my Facelift Hatchback. Supersonic Blue B90P and the mounting kit, would be perfect. Others colours are welcomed, too. The front lip should be in great condition, no damages at all. Shipping to Germany.
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    Custom made fiberglas body parts - which company does it?

    I allready talked to Fiberworx, they said the expected price is about GBP 225,-. The Problem is Fiberworx need my car or a rolling shell they don´t have an EK bumber mould. The genuine Sergeant is about GBP 1100,- incl. shipping, vat etc. Fuyai Import is out of business.
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    Custom made fiberglas body parts - which company does it?

    Hi, i´m looking for a company which custom made fiberglas body parts. Are there any ohter companies in the UK besides Fiberworx? I would like to have a replica of a Sergeant Rear Diffuser. Many thanks Chris
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    I bought some K-Swap parts, he was really helpfull, great and factual communication. Very well packed and fast shipping to germany. Will buy again from him. Many thanks!
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    Sergeant Rear Diffuser

    Thanks Turfy, but the shipping cost are 450 Euro / 385 GPB plus tax etc. that is way too expensive.
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    Sergeant Rear Diffuser

    Hi, i´m looking for a Sergeant Rear Diffuser for my Civic EK. If anybody got one for sell or knows where i still can buy one let me know. Many thanks Chris
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    EK Breaking

    Ek9 hand brake console?
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    OEM EK9 hand brake console

    Hallo, i´m looking for an OEM Ek9 hand brake console plus the bracket to fit it in my 2000 EJ9. Shipping to germany. Many thanks Christian
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    Accord Type-R brake master cylinder

    Hi, will the ATR brake master cylinder fit an EJ9 (Facelift). I will upgrade my brakes, S2k front calipers with 300 mm discs and DC2 rear calipers with 262 mm discs. I also would like to upgrade the brake master cylinder, i know DC2 1" will fit but i have an ATR left over, could i use it...