Custom made fiberglas body parts - which company does it?


Mar 31, 2009
Not being in the UK, I can't help you with companies to refer to sorry. But I do wonder about the economics of what you're asking.

Anyone looking to make a replica is going to either want an original to make moulds from, or is going to spend considerable time and effort designing one themselves to then make moulds. So either way there's going to be considerable up-front cost (including perhaps an actual Sergeant diffuser in itself), and it really only makes financial sense if there's going to be multiple copies made and sold to spread that cost. As a one-off, you'll likely be much better off just purchasing an original Sergeant diffuser yourself.

Or, there was this company that was making copies quite some time ago. Might be worth checking out if they're still in business and have the diffusers available:


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Oct 4, 2018
I allready talked to Fiberworx, they said the expected price is about GBP 225,-.
The Problem is Fiberworx need my car or a rolling shell they don´t have an EK bumber mould.

The genuine Sergeant is about GBP 1100,- incl. shipping, vat etc.

Fuyai Import is out of business.