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    Integra Dc5 telesto grey

    Not sure if you've sold this or not but I think I've managed to catch a quick glimpse of this car today and the colour is totally unique (+awesome). Shame I couldn't take a closer look. If it hasn't been sold, GLWS :)!
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    Anybody play Assetto Corsa? My FAV racing sim.

    Hey guys, just out of curiosity, anybody here played Assetto Corsa? It's by far the best racing sim I have played, in terms of physics and force feedback.. The game is not actually out yet but you can buy it off Steam with "Early Access".. Meaning developers will keep releasing stable versions...
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    Need a massive favour!!

    Done, good luck! :)
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    My EK9 Replica LHD Denmark

    That's simply beautiful!
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    I managed to find a local Tesco express Petrol station nearby (avoided the overcrowded Game store midnight launch) and got there at 11:59 as second customer :) Definitely a GREAT game so far and I've been playing it till now.. its time to go bed and return to reality though.. I recommend it to...
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    Tidy looking k20 EG..

    Wow, that's hands down the cleanest EG I've ever seen.. and its K-Swapped :| Well worth the price, if not worth more..
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    What car next!

    FD2 if you want to keep a honda.. Amazing cars..
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    Gran Turismo 5 EK9 interior

    Nice! Thank you for this, I borrowed my GT5 to my friend 1 day after it came out and I totally forgot to take it back..
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    Paul J Smith Photography - FD2 Civic Type R

    I always love coming on here to see you've got new pictures up :) Great work, beautiful car!
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    Monster Unit Subaru Impreza sti

    I don't think the pictures are working atm, was working when I last read this topic.
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    my new ride

    very tastefully modded! congrats!
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    Newbie from Reading

    Welcome to the forum buddy.. definitely a minter and I'm sure the EK9 will be as valuable to you as your old DC2.
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    Wow !

    The things id do for this..
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    Black RX project

    This whole thread is just :fapfap: In fact, there's a few pics that id use as a wallpaper if the resolution was slightly higher! Great work! :)
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    Most embarassing moment while driving ?

    LOL! This made my day :D