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  • hi m8 wont mange tomorrow due to go away offshore the morn for a month will give u a shout when i get home though :) dont mean to mess you around with this
    hey m8 thats ok just got ur message can you do next friday as thats when i get extra cash and £40 sounds fine :)
    Im in Kirkhill Place, Unit 4 (AB21 0GU)
    Ill give you the lot for £40, sound good ?
    Finish at 1-2 on a Friday so anytime before that

    I will get some more photos of it for you
    hi m8 can meet u in dyce next friday anywhere anytime and yes i'll take the ecu as i wanna do a mini me conversion :) does the head still need a skim etc, and how much extra is the ecu cuase am na working atm and just payed my insurance so broke lol
    hi m8 remember me i was on grantecity civic i was going to take your y8 head off u then the site shutdown dont supose you still have it cheers
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