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    canavan 123's civic- pics

    Euge heres another pic i played about with 2nite :P just thought id throw it up for ya... p.s. Plannin on doing a photoshoot with my E46 Coupe at the start of next month and got the perfect location ;) il give ya a shout later kid
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    my EK4!!!

    looks well lad :D
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    canavan 123's civic- pics

    Eugene asked me to throw up these pics... 98 Civic VTI he can throw spec up wen he gets a chance... Did a quick valet and polish this afternoon so took a few pics after
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    LUCK EK9 Honda Civic Type R

    looks class!! ;)
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    rota rims

    what is the stud pattern for the civic?? emm... you could check the rota website or contact rota to make sure mate!
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    My mods...

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. use that to get an idea of how each type of exhaust sounds
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    alrite guys!

    alrite guys... im ricky, 19 from northern ireland/liverpool. found this site jus from lookn through google lookn for a type r... i feel its time that i bought a decent jap car... so am currently on the look out for a mint type r... iv built a full on show car last year and got mag featured (ford...