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    Jesse888 Forged/stroker turbo ek9

    Fingers crossed for no more issues man. Seems that's this engine is a tad stronger than the others. Have fun ;)
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    She's sold now :(

    Tyvm picked up the new car this morning. A 2000 Vauxhall vectra Sri 150. (Bracing himself for backlash) Actually a nice car to drive, stupid loud exhaust on it though needs replacing or sorting somehow.
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    She's sold now :(

    Figured as much. Just thought I'd try considering there's the protection of eBay/PayPal. No worries :)
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    She's sold now :(

    well the ej9 has now sold, even though I had all the plans in the world it got used too much and needed a 5 door to fit the family in. This is one of the best forums I've been on (and I've been on a lot). I've got one final question, I've not posted the 250 posts needed to open a for sale...
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    White mark removal

    Think I worked it out. Believe it was actually grease, previous owner works in a chippy. But they're all but gone now, been polished within an inch of their life haha
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    Saxby's EJ9 budget build

    Well it looks like the little ej will be going soon :( it's getting used more and more as it's always last in the drive and is becoming a pain. It's on eBay atm:( if it sells then I'll probably end up with an ma/b/c civic. Will be sad to see her go though. So will be putting more bits in eBay...
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    AE Garage's EK9 Project

    Well technically 3 people all brothers, Matthew, Darren and mark Hartmann. You have any other plans for your ek?
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    AE Garage's EK9 Project

    Welcome :) lovely looking car different to anything we see over here. went to school with someone who was half Filipino now plays football over there professionally.
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    shocks and springs help.

    Ive been trying to find some ek9 shocks to go with my eibachs. Its not easy :( mines the 1.4 so thinking the slightly lighter engine may help it be more level.
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    George's EK9

    I am a fan of dc2 alloys on ek's. Really does look super clean. Love that you've kept it pretty standard with a few subtle mods. Looks awesome.
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    JUN ek4 SiR

    Just had a read, a great thread, and love the car. Although I like your mates winglets on the ep3.... :/ and there are so many nice ek9's in Scotland. Not even seen one near me!
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    Another one on its way to the UK!

    Looks really clean! Fair play. Nice buy.
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    We now offer FINANCE!

    Well that's just led to a whole world of debt inducing temptation.
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    Hello fellow ek lovers!

    Tbh I don't think it's going to make too much of a difference really. Personally I'd stick to the 92 (I'm also cheap as **** though). Haha
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    Hello fellow ek lovers!

    Welcome along. Look really tidy. Must admit I was expecting to see a b series under the bonnet not a d!