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  • Where would the best place be to get one of these and is there any other way around it other than riping the dash out to put the new loom in as i have the full 1.8 VTI is there no way of neutralizing the wiring from this car. Also could you please send me the link to these pages as ive searched for hours and cant find anything of any help other than this page http://www.ek9.org/forum/engine/21833-b18c4-into-1-4-ej9-help-please.html and from this i have taken the wiring diagrams.
    thanks very much mate

    There should be plenty of info on the forum regarding this swap if you try searching. Basically your civic is a prefacelift(obd2a wiring) what you will need to get is a engine wiring loom from a 96-98 vti civic. It will be pretty much plug and play if you get this loom
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