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    Erratic Idle/ Stalling when cold

    was anyone at the distributor it might have been retarded could cause it to be down on there noticeable difference when your cruising? like a misfire or lack of power?.. have you checked your flash codes?.. you might have done some damage to the valves when the tappets were done the...
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    backyard special ecu

    just bought another 9 and found a lot of goodies in it not knowing bout them which is always a plus :nice: including a backyard special ecu has anyone any information about these and they are remappible? rare? any good? :ek9:
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    b18c :)

    is there any point of using wiseco piston and eagle rods no?? without doing some head work?
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    b18c :)

    well lads i am thinking bout rebuild my b18 type r as its a bit on the smokey side. but im not sure what to use original honda pistons nd rings or to fully forge the engine altogether while it out!!:)) wondering if i do this can i just use my standard intake manifold ect already have a ecu so no...
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  9. gearbox nice and shiny

    gearbox nice and shiny

  10. getting there!!

    getting there!!

  11. ready for a spin!!

    ready for a spin!!

  12. all done..

    all done..

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    20130209 203139

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    20130212 184009

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    20130213 232032