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    Can someone measure this part for me?

    On his page the pictures are in the folder just under the word "following"
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    Can someone measure this part for me?

    EK9 Rear Bumper Bar <<<< search that thread title and I had put pictures in there for someone else. I'm in Ireland and he is from Ireland so it was €135 + €15 for postage
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    Can someone measure this part for me?

    Check out 'jtwonable' on Instagram. Unbelievable welder and he also makes an ship's these. I bought one and they are top quality. He has a real on his page showing them.
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    Ek9 NCT Emissions Failure

    Hi mate, no not yet, been working alot so have not had the chance to start checking properly but if I do find what it is, I will be sure to update so that the forum has it :) miss taking the car out at weekends so much at the moment! ha :)
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    Ek9 NCT Emissions Failure

    Hi mate, yeah what I was saying about the O2 sensor its that it should be fluctuating between 0.1 - 0.9, mine is only fluctuating between 0.5 and 0.7 so there is something wrong there but the problem is not with the O2 sensor itself as I have tried two new ones and both are doing the exact same...
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    Ek9 NCT Emissions Failure

    Hi mate, an additive might help if it was just barely above the limit and staying constant but wouldn't do anything for something like this. Even with a more restrictive exhaust, it still fluctuating so wildly that I don't think it would work. But yeah, like you said, I wanna fix the problem...
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    Ek9 NCT Emissions Failure

    Hi folks, Unfortunately my car has failed the NCT (Irish equivalent of MOT) due to an emissions failure. (Its failing on high idle). I originally thought it was the cat an replaced it with a new cat but still no joy. After it failed the second time, the nct tester said that the emissions are...
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    New member saying hello from Ireland

    Very nice
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    Brand New Facelift EK9 Headlights - for sale

    No worries, thank you :)