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  • hello b16b mate how r u just want to ask u what the right steps to make a stock b16b gose to the edge ?
    Hay there mate,

    Still got the '98 Spec DC2 steering rack?

    Very interested, what's your email mate?

    Hi Steve, (so i can't send a pm)

    thank's for informations , is very efficient for me because i'm live far from big country so all the parts import is very very expensive twice the price.

    so your experience information save my money.

    i can't loose weight because is my dayly driving car familly...so i need to keep all for confort !!!! :(

    maybe one garage place here will receive this year a dyno !!! but i know it don't know tuned shiped ...


    Hi thank's for your answer (so i can't send a pm)

    i'm maybe the only guy that have B16B in Tahiti all the other swap guy go with B18

    i want ot optimise my engine as naturaly aspired but here there are no guy that can do chip tuned !!

    The apgrade i will do :
    - entire gearbox itr specR 98 on the way
    - header replica toda 421 from Spooling Performance on the way next week

    option : i have i friend who can sell his spoon ecu ?

    may i know if your tuned ecu will work with my modification ?

    oh you sell your compplète tegiwa airbox ? i keep my ac, if i want to put one will i need modification ?

    I'm french so i have difficult to speak english, in advance sorry,

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