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  • As I said, I know this car you've bought. The seller was selling it with te37's and carbon seats for 4100gbp and I remember this perfect. I value your car after some improvements @ about 5000-5200gbp. Thank you for your offer.
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    Have a look on there but will get some more for you if needed

    Not in a rush to sell this as I am only selling to fund my charged k20 dc2
    Done some maths today while I was at autosport and this is what I have spent on the car so what it owes me in total. As I said in the previous I can do a deal with some parts changed

    The car was over 4k was advertised for 5200 and I went to see it on the way home from silverstone and payed 4500 and 150 to have t delivered.
    The car was an absolute nail other than the body work so it's been completely redone I have replaced the loom, clutch assembly including making a new peddle box for the clutch. Work out that I have now spent in the area of 2000 in parts alone will do a speared sheet with all the receipts on Monday to check. And easily spent over 200 hours in my time on the car !! So in fairness I will need the 7500 for the car as is with mot. I don't thing this is over the odds for a mint k20 crx
    Hi mate
    I have a k20 crx, I've made this car absolutely mint got the car for 5500 and it wasn't running about 8 months ago since I have remover the engine cleaned, re-wired new clutch, re-painted the bay and welded the mounts in correct, the drive shafts have been rebuilt, I have fabricated a traction bar for it to as that's my thing :), I fitted a full custom brake line kit form hell and braided fuel lines with many other trick bits in the bay ! It's got 30k on the shell and 35 on the motor. Also has a hybrid racing shifter with near new cables and the arms have been polly bushed and refurbished to.

    Lost track on what I have spent on this but its one of the cleanest crx's I've seen you would have to see if to really understand,

    It's a tad more than you want to spend but I was after 8500 but as you only want to spend 5k would drop it to 7500

    I have loads of pics if you are interested can lower the price with no seats or with different wheels etc
    Cheers, ieuan
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