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  • story man 350 yeah not bad price,emprobably wouldnt have much for an ek civic to px with but i do have angel eye headlights if you were into those,standard type r exhaust,think ive a j's intake,a dvd flip out screen,unpainted type r grille,thats all i can think of!
    haha do i get a discount cos im an ek9.org member haha and i seen ya on the saturday of the cruise i followed you out as farthe clinic dual carrige way but when i went right up your bumper you took off but i was only drivin me rolla and im a plasterer put do other bits aswell
    am i senn ya driving it round a few times and i reckonized ya from there did you get that off elite autos?????
    thanks ya tis nice and loud when the vtec kicks in but do you know how to put them pictures on to the main page ?
    ya give me a shout when its on ill prob go but is there many ek9s in galway i only ever see one or two round the place
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