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  • Oh I know and I wouldnt expect anyone to pay that much as they do sell so cheap so if I was in need to sell I would probaly sell off the parts and sell it standard. Easiest way to get some money back. You selling yours??
    i would be but to be honest i dont think i would pay that much seen pretty mint ones on done deal for 5k and less ,, its crazy the way they dropped in price ,
    Jesus lad I dont know. I would like to think about 6500 or 7000 but I know lads wont pay that. They going for **** money over here yet standard ones going for up to £7000 over in england. Dont think I will sell it. Think of stroking her. Why are you interested lad?
    Jesus dont tempt me, ha. Was only thinking about selling up last week but just cant see it happening. Cant see me getting enough. Ek9s are selling for noting these days
    They do lad.. When ya put them on 1st they look tiny but ya get used to them. I likle them anyway.
    Fitting the tie bar is the easiest job ever lad.. Jack it up under the rear towing point so both wheels are off the ground.. Open the bolt on the control arm and put up your tie bar . Its simple man and very easy once you get a look at it you will see
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