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  • Hey. Wondering if you have any EK9s still for sale. Missed out on the two in the for sale section as i had a few holidays before i could come down and view them.
    hi mate no the chassis number wasn't registered it had the bomex body kit and the ep3 alloys when it cam from uk with cusco roll cage
    hey mate,
    you still importing ek9s into the country? how much would it cost to get a near perfect white or black one on the road in England? Would like something that is as OEM as possible, under 100km.
    The 3 I sent out there were all standard looking. What was the chassis number? is it on the register?
    hi mate a friend of min told me that you import some ek9 to malta back to the old days did you import mine? an ek9 with bomex kit ???
    I have got one really good oem badge but not sure if front of back. Also a really tidy JDM dc5 steering wheel that fits and looks really good in a ek9.
    Thanks Duncan
    Hello mate im looking for a few ek9 bits if you have them please? Good condition genuine bonnet badge with no fading,full set of ek9 or aftermarket suspension in good condition,ek9 rear tailgate plate recess with both clips not broken,dark ek9 headlights,import front plate holder,very good condition ek9 steering wheel

    Thanks, Luke
    your prob looking at about £8k+ for a decent one. They are on goo.net but about £12k on there.
    there is a k20 for sale on here atm.
    Hi there.

    I'm looking for a genuine y56 integra dc2. I know they are rare so would consider a built y56 dc2 also

    What value is on a genuine y56 integra?

    Could you give me a few websites to look out for one?

    I'm living in Ireland.

    I was wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for an ek9 around the 5k margin. A relatively original example preferably and in good condition. If you could send me some details that would be great. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
    Many Thanks
    If you want to book a courier I will pack it but I an not being responsible for sending/arranging a SRS. I will send you the wheel on its own.

    I am wondering how much would be the EP3 Civic Type R MOMO SRS steering wheel form your page delivered to Slovenia.

    The RMA is a true, non narrowing straight through system that is quiet enough for track days.
    Don't know of power figures but as best as your going to get without going custom.
    Hello Dunk,

    I saw your comment on Feel's Exhaust system in other post and seems you highly recommend them, I am looking into one myself but also considering the RM01a . Could you give me some advice of both on:

    - Power gain (i know probably not much difference)
    - Sound
    - Weight (comparing it with both Feel's half titanium and stainless steel)

    Kind regards,

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