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  • Hi there,

    I will take the green shifter and extension. Sorry I don't post much on here so I don't know the formalities as such :) I'm a regular on itr-dc2 and crx-uk so hope we can make the deal! Pm me payment details and I'll send the money across ASAP.
    Thanks brad
    Awrite mate, would you take £30 collected for the black spoon gear knob? I'm in aberdeen until Friday but could collect tomorrow night?

    Let me know cheers.
    Hi mate. just wondering if you still have mid spoiler? if so would you do it £40 delivered?
    cheers, brad
    aryt man, wats up? noticed your from aberdeen, was just wondering where abouts exactly? I'm from near a wee village called Insch, dunno if you've heard of it? Its about 30 miles or so from town. I like your civic, wat mods you got?
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