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  • Yassir,

    It's Matthew from the united states! I have a **** load of money and need rare UKDM parts for a car show. Contact me on Facebook so we can talk and I can get some money in your pocket!

    Matthew gierlich
    Hi Yasir,
    I have a stock B16A engine in an EK civic(4drs).From where shall i start my mods?Gear box or Head and Block?I want to tune the car for 1/4 miles and Slalom?Awaiting for your response,thank you.BTW i'm from Mauritius.

    Your looking at £8.5k for this swap drive in/ drive out. Weve done 3 so far, with no problem at all. If your interested in prices for parts visit hybrid-racing.com.
    hi mate, seen the post of the k20 conversion, do you do them offten ??? do you supply all parts etc how much would it cost for a ek ??

    cheers aza
    Definitely ill be in contact for suspension soon. My car is civic EG6, id like the setup to fit under 15'' wheel if possible please.
    Thank,Yasir, i do all type of suspension usage from Drag,Dirft,Street,Track. But right now i only do three kind of Car. There is s13-15,RX7 FD,EVO 6-X, Subaru GC8-GRF and most Honda only. i only do suspension on what i have test on the street and track before. If you need anything PM me . thank you.For the ATS Brake system. Can you send me your car Model. i will let you know next week.
    Thats awesome stuff, ill definitely be interested in some custom suspension in the future. Just at the moment im trying to do things on a budget, and make use of what I have for now. Do you do a basic coilover kit for fast road/ track application, I could maybe get you a few customers interested in this. And likewise on the friendship, hopefully we can do business together :)
    ok, i will get you back next week as i have a race in next weeks. And ATS owner Mr Hong is coming to race too. So i ask him. For suspension, if you are interested on other brands suspension.PM me as i am the owner of small suspension company in thailand call DREAM'S PERFORMANCE. All my suspension are custom-valve to your usage. if you are interested i will explain more to you. thank you. good to have a new friend here.
    Ahh no problem dude, would you be able to get me a price for the front brake setup complete? I currently have cusco zero1 coilovers, im going to see how I get on with them. If I need something better I may look into ohlins.
    hi. As i am new in this forum. i can't PM. For ATS brake. they sponsor us so we have use it.haha. overall performance and value for money i will rate 8/10. Hope that will help you.
    Anyway can i know the suspension you plan to use on your race-setup EG?
    Hi dude,

    Im afraid its sold now, it wouldnt plug straight in, you would need the converter harness. I supply S300 units new for £370, let me know if interested :)
    hi mate i have seen you have a hondata s300 for sale, i have a 2000 ek9 i was just wondering would that ecu plug straight into my harness on my car? and would you take £350 for it.

    where are you based because i am in newcastle and if you are not to far i would come and collect it and that would save the hassle of posting it.

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