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  • least with a wrap dude if ya dont like it you can take it off?!! the car is lookin well too
    hey dude your gettin it wrapped nice one!! oh god you've so much to choose from now haha good idea...is it much to get it wrapped??
    Haha no bad man, no got me a job yet!? :p Nah no yet will need to get it on soon though lol
    Haha quite expensive! Wat mods you got?
    Thanks man, I will get you on fb just ive only got 3weeks left lol
    I know I never even knew it was on :( haha
    Haha aye gid idea man sounds good to me :)
    Awrite hope you get it sorted likes, wat prices you talkin about now?
    Any chance you could send me the number of that insurance company you were talkin about bro
    Aye man sometimes, just depends if I can be arsed lol wby?
    Any jot gettin your car insurance?
    Need to get that sorted man, you need a car haha
    Awrite, if I went to glasgow wouldnt be able to get home lol but yeah falkirk is pish, stirling is not bad... sometimes lol
    Not sure man, prob not much tonight goin out in stirling the mora for the football then to dusk after probably lol wby mate?
    Hahaha aye man lil Khairun, she isny the biggest eh :L :L :L
    Yeah but not in falkirk really, its too far from my house lol Usually stirling cause its only like 10mins away falkirk is about half an hour lol wby falkirk usually ?
    Ayeee haha
    Haha yeah think I saw you last year wen we joined classes for graded unit revision lol
    Naah man not really much asian lads from around my area, mostly jus my family lol Seen you were friends with my wee cousin, Khairun
    Aye man haha Im doin risk management though
    Im taking my car up aswell, dunno where im goin to park though lol
    Aye man passed my hnd, think im goin to uni in glasgow unless I get a job in the summer lol
    Hahah aye man, thats me just finishing up the now. I must have saw you cuttin about at somepoint then surely lol
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