1. Dzero4

    Photos from July meet

    Hey guys, thought I'd just share a link of the pictures from yesterday where a few of us met up in the afternoon https://www.flickr.com/photos/dzero4photography/albums/72157715251275257 Hopefully we can do it again next month!
  2. vsixdesign

    EM1 EBP Si

    Hi all - I've owned Honda Civics since the 70s and do hope to own an EK9 in the near future. My first 3 were all 1st generation hatchbacks and 1 was a red-orange CVCC 5 speed, the equivalent of the Type R of its day (53hp! woohoo!) As of now I own an Electron Blue Pearl 1999 Honda Civic Si #2...
  3. Teggymun

    Caged em1 coupe

    Right, so finally a progress thread seeing as ive had the car a year now, and what a year its been too! Once i bought the car i purchased a takata harness and instantly thought i was the bees knees, i then got myself a mugen rep carbon wing for a neat 50 quid At about the same time i then...