1. All parts arrived, ready to be installed

    All parts arrived, ready to be installed

    Items and parts I used for Spoon brake swap: *Spoon twin block calipers for EK4/EK9.. *Spoon inner spacer set *Spoon brake pads *Dixcel type FS rotors "282" 4x100, quite non-standard spec but I decide to keep 4x100 bolt pattern. But you can go with 5x114,3 or whatever you like. *Hel braided lines
  2. JDMDingo

    S2K cluster in my EK9

    So I was itching to do something new to my car, but wanted to do something different. I love digital gauges and the best digital gauge has to be the S2000's. As far as I know I'm the only person in Okinawa, Japan that has retro-fitted an s2k cluster in to a different car. I get a lot of confused...