S2K cluster in my EK9


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Feb 26, 2011
So I was itching to do something new to my car, but wanted to do something different. I love digital gauges and the best digital gauge has to be the S2000's. As far as I know I'm the only person in Okinawa, Japan that has retro-fitted an s2k cluster in to a different car. I get a lot of confused and amazed looks. I absolutely love it, it took some work but was way worth it. Only issue I have is the gas gauge will never read full. When it's full it reads 3/4 full, then once the fuel gets to a 3/4 tank it works fine all the way down to E. Doesn't bother me one bit, I always set my trip meter anyways. Plus for whatever reason my car takes an extra second or two to start every time my tank gets 1/4 full.....my weird safeguard for when my tanks getting low.

Got the cluster from Yahoo! Auctions for $100 shipped with 82,000 k/m.

Fitted it to the ek9 shroud.

Had to modify the duct that goes behind the cluster, it's about 50% as wide as it was but still blows cold air out the vent.

Test fitting it before the bezel came in.

Got it all wired up and installed the custom bezel.

Night shot (Picture doesn't do it justice), Also you can no longer see the two white lines at the bottom.

Quick video I made to show everything is functioning (except the SRS light and ABS light).

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Jun 26, 2011
Looks good. I am in the middle of doing this for my car but can't get the speedo, engine temp and fuel gauge to work. I have a whiteford-Davies conversion box but no wiring diagram for it.

How did you get yours to work?