1st EK9 registered in Portugal


1st EK9 registered in Portugal
May 26, 2014
CW Honda Civic EK9 1999
1999 CW imported from Nagoya and registered in UK May2015. Grade 3.5

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Mugen JASMA Twinloop full catback system

Current SPECS:

View attachment 37788 View attachment 37781
View attachment 37783
View attachment 39669
View attachment 39745

Iridium IX spark plugs
Tegiwa Mugen style CAI + KN filter
Tegiwa's TODA replica 421 headers, custom 60mm tubing and twinloop Mugen muffler.

Baffled oil pan (password JDM welded plates.

MeisterR ZetaS coilovers 8kgf/6kgf adjustable dampers

Original JDM headlights opened, installed LHD reflectors, re-sealed and refurbished.

Ferodo Ds2500 brake pads

ADVAN AD08R 195/55
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Looking good sam.
How many miles have you driven in your ek9 now? Must be half of europe by now!
are you selling it

Not selling illy kay. The car was exported from UK to Portugal. You may check in the main forum "Classifieds" section. You may be lucky as well if you contact a personal import service for example TORQUE GT, based in Devon UK or Dunkx.