2000 EK9 Type-Rx

Dave, thank you my friend. I hope it goes to a good home too. Who knows I might even end up keeping it. Nonetheless I hope to see you again in the future :)
Well, its a lovely example so I'm sure it will delight a new owner!.....i sincerely hope you don't become one of many who regret the decision a couple yrs down the line, though i do get there is a time to move on :nice:
Me too buddy!...in the meantime roll safe dude :)
Glwts man, personally i think its too cheap for such a clean car when you look at what some of the rougher ones have gone for!

Its worth every penny of what you're asking so if it doesnt sell just stick it away in a lock up for a year?
@ColbyCol Thanks mate. I'd love to keep it but difficult to justify at this time as I also have two other cars . Ideally I want this to go to a decent home and a like-minded enthusiast.
If I was looking for one I'd bite your arm off! Stay strong on the price and someone who can see its value will surface eventually. You had much interest or people come to look at it?
@ColbyCol I've had interest to a certain extent but unfortunately it has been mostly timewasters and dreamers. And no viewings either. As you say hopefully the right person comes along.
I'm coming into some money soon (I hope) so if it's still around in a few weeks which I very much doubt it will be. I will get in touch.