4x4 fun


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Jul 8, 2011
That's a cracker Ellis! Body lift is a pita to do and pointless unless you go for some seriously big rubber. I'm running 235/75/15 and that's plenty, even narrower would do tbh. We bought it with 2'' lift which was achieved by using 2'' spacers. These are fine at the front but at the back I didn't like how the spring would dislocate on one side if the other side was fully compressed (like the 3rd pic in my first post). So I bought MK1 Ford Focus estate rear springs, those fit perfect and are longer so there's no need for spacers at the rear with those! Spacers are fine up front, they can't come loose and also because longer springs at the front tend to cause problems with brakes (yeah I know - weird!). In any case a front diff drop bracket is a must with any sort of lift kit, the cv joints are pretty weak and don't like extreme angles. Running too wide tyres exacerbates this - too much traction means the wheel is less likely to slip and the CV joint more likely to go pop. People go to all sorts of extremes with lifts, I find 2'' perfect, it's still OK-ish on the road and plenty off road. Bigger tyres will give you a bit more clearance.
Yours looks very clean, ours is scratched and dented but that means one can properly enjoy it off road without having to worry about pushing the odd tree branch out of the way with the car :)

Thanks man but i can assure you its well scratched and dented in the flesh haha, its a cat C, bought it off work for less than a 2nd hand spoon N1 haha. Intresting you mentioned the focus springs and spring spacers. From what little research ive done I was planning on using mk2 astra rear dampers, 1.5" front damper spacers and grand vitara springs (front & rear) for an over all 1.5" of lift. allthough your menthod seems to be simpler, probably cheaper and offers more lift. I was actually supprised how expensive lift kits, drop brackets etc were, whatever route i go down its going to end up costing me more than i payed for the car to begin with...


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Jan 11, 2011
I've just remembered this thread lol. I haven't done as much off roading as I'd have liked to this year but here's a video for you from April, I was questioning my decision to give it a go half way through but managed to pull it off with hardly any damage to the car and no damage to my underwear :win:.



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Oct 16, 2012
Thought you was going over for a second there! Must have felt worse in the car aswell