5 Panel Wink Mirror UK?

Also iv heard alot people who had the broad view and then got a wink and said they would never go back, and there no way a broad view can give you as much view as a 5 panel wink mirror plus they get hate from people who never used or seen one properly half the time.

lol. have you had a wink mirror fitted to a car before to give you such excellent first hand knowledge?

As I have aleady said, I have one and an ek9 with a rollcage, yet i choose not to fit my wink mirror....
they wink mirrors look about as good as having jaundice .

No Love? lol
Give the guy a break he wants a wink mirror it's not your car and if it's not to your taste don't comment,not my personal taste I use a broadway but I'm not going to cry about it lol I think hondaperformacepartswarehouse.com stock them if not a quick post on civiclife will point you in the right direction mate
**** yal! just spent 60 quid on a mirror just out of spite if nothing else lmao, cheers Kellsled i got it off hondaperformacepartswarehouse (y).

Il post some pix when its fitted so you can troll me some more ;).
Many mirrors, much scene, wow

In all seriousness if you like them(which clearly you do) then go ahead, not to my taste but that doesn't matter. I haven't got to look at it/them.
Haha yep! Then slam it, Like right to the floor with a good 5degrees camber and stretch the **** out of the tyres on fake rims.
Yeah man some hello kitty on my splitter, spoiler angled to the sky you know my jam!....lolz :3
You need to do a build/hate thread for all the abuse.
Mirror arrived today so iv shot it in, as the took it out yet to test but prob will refit a bit better other day.



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Yep, definitely ****.
When you take it back off weigh it against the stock mirror, just out of interest.
I have a convexed broadway in my MX5, Reall good on a convertible as you having nothing blocking your vision. It's your car, your money. Put a dildo on the bonnet if you want. If that makes you happy
Its mad no way will a broad view give you the say view inside a hatch like i can see out the side windows and not one blind spot with out been distorted, plus just looks mental lol.
Looks like someone smashed a 80's disco ball in your car and bits got stuck to your windscreen LOL. But as above, it's your car so whatever rocks your boat bud!

for the lolz.

If you like it fair play, im just an old kunt. :p