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  • Hi mate,

    I was wondering if you still have the GT3's?

    If so what sort of thread is on them

    If you can get back to me would be good cheers mate

    I tried to pm you but not enough post
    hi mate , thanks for contacting him and getting back to me , unfortunately he still hasnt replyed to me so i'm going to have to contact the police about the whole thing as its theft , anyway thanks again .
    hi mate , just writing regarding the red reacro seats for sale you posted on here for another member (campbell) i ended up buying these off him well i thought i did i sent the money to him over 4 weeks ago and since then have heard nothing but i'll post them tomorrow then tomorrow comes and he says he was busy and he'll have to post them the next day i told him eariler this week i 100% need them before christmas as i need to drive me and my brother to my grandparents which i cant now as i have sold my previous seats over a week ago thinking the recaros would be here , i've tryed contacting him over the last few days about a refund with no reply , i know this is nothing to do with you and you where only listing them for him but is there any you could contact him and ask him to get hold of me about a refund , its just £370 is alot to lose at christmas time and it doesnt look for the forum if there are member scamming other members , look forward to your reply .

    best regards
    hi, im selling my ek9 type r if you no anyone after one, firber glass wings, firber glass bonnet, firber glass boot, photos on my page bud.. thanks
    It's not too late mate, just save your pennys and take it slow. It's not like there's much else decent to spend your pennys on in this world! Do what makes you happy I say!
    Awk mate, don't let it put you off. I'm defo one to speak from experience of having problems lol.

    Plus you won't be able to understand how I feel the now, I just want another civic but I defo want an ek9 now.
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