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  • Is Just a honda pictures guys
    i dont have my own Honda i wish i did tho... :( Sorry people
    and " I really wanted to buy Ek9 Anyone Selling it around sandiego if you do please
    leave your name & number " $$$ Price ill call back as soon as possible
    & Well Work thing Out ??????
    That's great news. I'm from san Diego California. My cell is 858 431 6884. I know I'm a kinda far away but Im willing to get the car over here and see how we can work this out. Hit me up anytime call or Text and we can talk abouT it more. Again dude thanks for your time I really appreciate it.
    Hey i was interested in your ek and i just wanted to see if we could exchange information and see if we could work out a deal. thanks for your time.
    for your car in person i am buying your car
    & with the money

    3243 vintage oak ct sanjose ca 95148
    is the address

    drive or ask someone to bring it over for me
    ill pay you 1500 for your civic type R manuel ....
    ill take it
    thanks very much m8, canmt get it on pistonheads dnt no why tho. my number is 075 148 681 54 yea spoon engine it as for ino,
    Ya send on your number and ill do my best to find some1 for it. You have a nice bit done to the engine have you?
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