Abz's Vsm Hawk,


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Apr 15, 2014
I purchased this car just over a year ago, over the few months that went by i had started getting very fond of it and my hawk started growing in to me, i completely adore it and would hopefully end up building it as a aggresive street/track car.

With my hawk i will attempt to build its heart which would be a highcomp b18

So the journey started off by me purchasing this little gem from london at 3am,

it had a type r style kit, lowered on some ebay coilovers and rear spoiler tilt kit, along with 262 brake calipers at the front, the shell was rust free which was the cherry on the top,
As i was out of a job at the time because i had been takin care of mum who sadly passed away, so i was out of pocket for a lil while, the e30 rep wheels were just not doin it for me, so i ended up sprayong the centre black, along with some team heko wond deflectors
I recieved my foglights that i purchased on ebay, i also ended up ek9ing the head lights

Wel i ended up buyin some rota gt3 in black and red, and a mugen lip, colourcoded everything on the bumper and the car looked pretty decent in my eyes

I ended buying some recaros, skunk2 alpha flat face valves and some hsd mono pro's for the car

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The old cluster was way too boring and the old steering deserved to be slaughtered

so i ovo ended up replacing them with facelift vti dials milege rectified and a nardi steering wheel which was gifted to me on valentine from my fiance

A quick money shot of the back of the hawk :p

and thats a year with my hawk and hopefully many more to come, my plan is to complete the build of my b18 and get it up and running by the end of the year
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sadly this guy has passed away too in January 10th 2015 - abz patel - RIP
however the project has bin completed by us a high compression b18.
Sad news :-( This guy bought a cylinder from me in person and he seemed like a decent lad. Rip