adjustable Camber arms- Skunk2 Tuner or Pro series bushes size problem


Dec 5, 2014
Anyone fitted a set of Skunk2 front camber arms before? The new bushes has slightly bigger hole than the stock bolt... 11.21mm approx. (see photo)
(brought off Tegiwa)

The bushing holes are all measured 11.21mm, but the standard bolt to mount is only 10mm. (it's recommended to use the standard bolt to mount the camber arm)

There is quite a bit of play between the bolt and the bushing. which is a concern of excess play inbetween... will it knock and move around if i fit them as they are on to the car?

I've had a chat with Tegiwa and they reckon is fine to fit once it's bolted and tightened.

is it manufactured correctly and it's ok to fit ? wondered if anyone had problems with the skunk2 camber arms with the bushes knocking or excess play ?
I am unsure whether to trust this and fit them on.... might get a different brand, although, there isn't much choice around these days for front camber arms...

I am replacing my camber arms as my old set of Buddy club adjustable arms are getting old and needs replacing,
the bushing on the buddyclub camber arms are still 10mm after they have been on the car for 10 years +
sadly they have discontinued this, otherwise i would recommend them and buy them again.



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