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Jul 22, 2009
Thinking of spraying a track car with single pack paints as I've had good results on panels before but im not setup for 2K paints. What im wondering is can i paint my car over a few weeks and then take it to a bodyshop to have a 2K clear put on?

I'll probably do a test piece to see how the paints and clear react and if they seem ok is there any problems which might show up later such as cracking, peeling etc...? I've had small parts clearcoated before in this way and had no problems so im thinking il be ok?

Obviously im not after a show car but if i can get the panels looking good before the clearcoat then in theory it should come out well?

Hello bud

I just resprayed my ek9 and I used 1k clear from upol, it says the 1k clear will last over 10 years as to where the 2k will last over 25 years.

How are you spraying the car? Rattle can or with a gun?

Spraying 2k on top of 1k can be ok but sometimes it will react especially if your base or primer is non cellulose, the thinners will lift the primer up from the body and you are back to square one. Plus the paint shop will still have to key up your base coat, you get the best results spraying on the clear after the base and not waiting.

Here is how I got the best results for my ek9

Important issues

1. Dont spray if the ambient temp is below 20c the paint won't cure properly

2. Prep work is key A massive ball ache but dont rush when you think you have sanded it perfect do it again

3. If its bare metal use acid etch primer first, if the panel comes primed allready test an area with thinners, you may need to take it all off if it reacts further down the line.

Allow a minimum of 10 mins flash off between coats, you can test an area of over spray, if it's tacky then your good to go.

180 grit wet and dry using a block then 240 then 400 then 600 then 800 then spray primer 2/3 coats

Allow primer to dry a minimum of 24hrs if air drying(20c)

1000 grit wet and dry using a block then 1200 then 2/3 coats of base coat and then 3 coats of clear, when spraying the clear apply 2 quick coats then the 3rd coat can be applied slower getting a good thick coat on but not to thick you get runs.

Allow to air dry 20c for about 10 days before removing masking tape or cutting and polishing

I'm Not a professional sprayer but these results worked perfect for me, just remember be patient and never try to rush things.

And save your self alot of time and money and dont use non toxic 2k paint unless you have a oven of infrared lights, it doesnt cure properly and is still soft to touch 6 months later.

I watched a sprayer called the gunman on YouTube, he is Australian and is very good you can learn so much from him.

Happy spraying
good info, ive got a panel smooth as glass with no orange peel and thats with cans so might just go and get it cleared and see how it looks and reacts, ive used acid etch and hycote so not sure what will happen
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Allow to air dry 20c for about 10 days before removing masking tape or cutting and polishing

do you know why you leave it this long before removing masking tape? ive always removed it soon as possible because i found if the paint dries on top of it then it can peel the paint off when pulling the tape off, im also pretty sure a car wouldnt sit this long in a bodyshop with tape on

did you sand down the basecoat to get it perfectly smooth before clear?

If you didnt bother sanding the basecoat how long did you leave between the last coat of base and the first coat of clear? im thinking about half hour?

any pics of your ek9 after spraying?

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A car wouldn't sit that long in a body shop as they have Infrared heaters and they can raise the temp of the spray booth, they would normally wait over night before working on the car

If I have left it a long time between base and clear then I will sand it with a minimum of 1200 grit, i normally apply my clear 10 mins after the base, but I use a spraygun.

PM me your number and I can send you the pics over what's app as they are 2 large to upload